How can I get free ebooks?

When you click on a free public domain ebook to download, you simply need to click Download Now and enter your email. At My Free eBook, we take your privacy seriously. We will never send non-transaction related emails, unless you choose to sign up for our newsletter, and will never sell your email to any third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

What do you mean by Public Domain?

Please refer to our ebook license types page here.

What is the ePUB file format?

The ePUB file format is the most commonly accepted ebook format across e-reader devices, which is why we offer it on The most notable e-reader that doesn’t use this format is Kindle. However, ePUB files can be easily converted to the Kindle format, as detailed below.

I own a Kindle. How can I get these ebooks in a Kindle-friendly format?

You can easily convert an ePUB or PDF file into the Kindle MOBI file format by downloading the free Calibre software onto your computer: You can find more information on using Calibre at

I downloaded an ebook. How do I get it onto my e-reader?

Most e-readers allow you to transfer files from a device via a USB cable, and some allow for emailing your files to the e-reader. Please check the instructions for your specific e-reader for details. If you’re reading from your home computer or mobile device, you’ll need a program or an app to open the ePUB files.

How do I modify a public domain ebook that’s in ePUB or PDF format?

This can be done by downloading the free Calibre software ( and editing the original html file, or converting to an editable file format, such as Microsoft Word (DOCX) or a TXT file. You can find more information on converting ebook formats at


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