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So many books, so little time. Do you feel like you never have a chance to read all of the books on your must-read list? Here are some tips to make it easier to fit more reading into your busy day.

Use an eReader

The benefits of using an ereader are numerous: they’re easy to carry, give you the ability to highlight and look-up words, have adjustable font sizes, and can hold hundreds to thousands of books. Ebooks are generally less expensive than their paper counterparts, making it even more convenient to read as much as you want.

Set a Schedule

Make time on your calendar to read, just as you would with any other task or appointment. Set aside a fixed amount of time, or make a goal to finish a certain number of pages or chapters. By sticking to a schedule, pretty soon it will become a habit.

Use Audiobooks

Audiobooks are great to use when you’re performing a task where reading a book is impractical. Consider listening to audiobooks when driving, cleaning the house, at work, exercising, etc. You’ll make a bigger dent in that to-read list before you know it. A good place to start is with Audible, or for free from your local public library.

Take It With You

You could always carry a paper book when you’re on-the-go, but it’s even easier to use an ereader. Better still, consider adding an ereader app to your smartphone. If you already have an ereader, this will also allow you to sync your existing library with the app. Then when you have downtime you can read, instead of getting sucked into social media or mindlessly surfing the internet.

Put It Down

When you start reading a book you don’t enjoy, do you still feel compelled to finish it? If you give yourself permission to stop reading books you don’t find enjoyable, you’ll have more time to read books of more value to you. Make a rule that if you’re not loving it within the first few chapters, you’ll put it aside and start on the next book on your list. Don’t waste time forcing yourself to finish something you don’t like!

As you can see, there are several different ways to get into the habit of reading more and fitting it into your schedule. Whether you use one of these tips or all, you’ll be that much closer to your goal. And, you can always find a great source of hand selected, classic free ebooks at

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